Designed for professionals, the α7S III builds on the strengths of the S series such as high sensitivity and wide dynamic range while providing pro features like enhanced AF, optical image stabilisation and 4K 120p recording. ), 0.64 type Quad-XGA electronic viewfinder with a high-definition OLED display. Quick Guide To Memory Cards For Video With The Sony Alpha 7S III. In Full HD it’ll shoot at 240fps. These retail at $199.99 / £210 / AU$369 for the 80GB card, $399.99 / £400 / AU$699 for 160GB and $119.99 / £130 / AU$249 for the card reader, but if you find those prices even more eye-watering than the cost of the camera itself, don’t worry – you can shoot on high-speed SD cards using the A7S III’s other card slot. Keep Up With These Inspiring Adventure Photographers This Follow Friday. The Sony Alpha 7S III is priced at $3,499.99 (roughly Rs. In the event of discrepancy, the product operating instructions supplied with product shall be the authentic reference point. Users can even choose to set the cards for simultaneous or relay recording. However, you can’t record both HEIF and JPEG at the same time. In turn, if you’re a wedding photographer-cum-videographer, and need a camera that can capture mood across both, then provided you’re prepared to sacrifice pixel-power, the A7S III is a top performer. In terms of physical design the A7S III is similar to the recent A7R IV, which means that it’s bulked up considerably compared to its predecessor. The Sony A7S III is finally here, and boy does it deliver. Each of the card slots can accept either SD cards, or CFexpress Type A. Sony A7S III: At a glance £3,800 body-only 12.1MP full-frame BSI-CMOS sensor ISO 80-102,400 (ISO 40-409,600 extended) 10 frames per second shooting 759-point phase detection AF 9.44m-dot EVF, 0.9x magnification 3in fully articulated touchscreen 5 … However this is a completely new Exmor-R design with a back-illuminated structure that provides double the readout speed, and includes phase detection pixels for autofocus. A dual SD / CFexpress Type A card reader, the MRW-G2, will cost £130. Autofocus for photo and video benefits from 759 phase-detection focus points, not to mention advanced eye-tracking that's 30% faster than on previous Sony cameras. You really can get that pan-focus effect with autofocus by touching the display when you slow down the focus speed, and it works very well, whether you’re focusing on a flower, an apple, a cat or indeed a human. Maybe Sony will finally get around to adding this on the Alpha 7 VI. The 10fps continuous AF/AE works beautifully when eye-tracking a person walking towards the camera, and it also did a great job with a tabby cat, although it struggled with a black cat when positioned slightly off-angle. Is it as good as Canon’s Dual Pixel AF? The Sony A7S III is a relatively compact but solid bit of kit. This sigh of relief is compounded by new features and enhancements that make day-to-day shooting and video capture a seriously future-proofed treat – for example, there's support for the new HEIF photo format, H.265 video capture, and clean 16-bit raw output at 4K 60fps. Measuring 20 x 28 x 2.8mm, they’re smaller than either SD cards or the CFexpress Type B cards used in other mirrorless models, which adopt the XQD form factor (38.5 x 29.8 x 3.8mm). i Alpha 7S III PFV Sony a7S III - Imagination in Motion | Panel Discussion Optimized video, optimized sensitivity, optimized speed, the Sony Alpha a7S III raises the … Sony launched the Alpha 7S III Full-Frame mirrorless camera, in the Indian market on 12 th October 2020. On the right-hand side are the memory card slots and an NFC point. Kent ME18 6AL Far better value can be found in the likes of the Nikon Z7, Fujifilm X-T4 or Sony's own A7R IV. Sony provides this screw-on guard device to prevent cables from getting dislodged. The stabilization won’t totally counterbalance hand-shake, especially when you're using a large lens, but if you can find a thigh or ledge to rest on, you can get some fantastically steady footage. Thanks to the A7S III's dual-format card slots, though, you can also use SDXC V60 cards. Another area that’s seen improvements is rolling shutter. US retailer B&H Photo has opened up pre-orders with an expected Thursday, September 24 launch date. Indeed at 130 x 98 x 82mm and a shade over 700g, it’s the largest Alpha 7 yet. While we had a fair amount of variability in our device’s battery life, it comfortably captured 4K video for in excess of 75 minutes in our tests, which is great going compared to much of the competition. The new layout employs seven colour-coded menus, with My Menu at the top, and Shooting, Exposure/Color, Focus, Playback, Network and Setup below. Each Look now has a much wider array of parameters that can be adjusted, namely contrast, highlights, shadows, fade (which raises the black point), saturation, sharpness, sharpness range, and clarity. Sony Alpha 7S III The Alpha 7S III will come with a side flip LCD screen and it is powered by a BIONZ XR image processing engine. Priced comparably to CFast cards, these CFexpress cards (which deliver 800MB/s read and 700MB/s write speeds) are beauties. When recording video with the screen facing forwards, a new ‘Emphasise display during recording’ outlines the LCD screen with a thick red box, which provides a far better visual cue than a small red dot on the screen. For video on-the-go, the Alpha 7S III is the first Alpha series camera to include Active Mode with 5-axis optical in-body image stabilisation to support especially difficult handheld movie shooting. Bloom follows paddleboarder Julian Wakefield on the warm summer's day trip and the results clearly demonstrate how filmic the RAW images from the combination look. The A7S III's low-light capabilities make sense. If you aren’t familiar with the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, its low-light handling is well-regarded in the industry thanks to its dual-native ISO – and it comes with an affordable price tag, at less than a third of the price of the A7S III. The camera will be available in the market from 14 th October 2020. A film shot entirely on the Alpha 7S III. It is also the first Alpha series E-mount body to feature a side-opening vari-angle rear screen, perfect for gimbal-mounted shots, complicated angles, handheld operation and more. The A7S III has a brand new menu design that groups related functions together far more logically into nested sub-menus, and is fully operable by touch. What it can do, though, is record for a very long time, and in very low light. your username. Perhaps a bigger deal for long-time Sony devotees, and indeed critics, is that the company has finally opted for a full touch UI, and it works beautifully. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! Videographers and photographers need the best and professional equipment, but not all pro and high-quality products are created equal. Compare prices on Alpha 7s iii Batteries & Chargers on PriceRunner to help you find the best deal online It is also the first Alpha series E-mount body to feature a side-opening vari-angle rear screen, perfect for gimbal-mounted shots, complicated angles, handheld operation and more. And whether you’re shooting stills or video, the Sony A7S III handles well because it offers so many controls and top-end specs. This will provide eight times more processing power, minimise processing latency and also allow users to shoot in low-light … It's hard to find anything to complain about when it comes to the refreshed design of the A7S III – it really does feel like a compromise-free zone for video – but we’d expect nothing less at this price. There are plenty of other highlights: the A7S III can receive an analogue and digital input from its hot-shoe mount, capture 16-bit raw over HDMI when recording at 4K/60p for the first time, and it features a 9.44MP viewfinder – proving that photographers haven't been entirely forgotten about. 2 Features, Specification, weight & price are subject to change without prior notice. Whether you’re talking about photos or videos, the Sony A7S III captures them with comparatively low resolution when compared to the Panasonic S1H, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K or the EOS R5, which climb up to 6K, 6K and 8K respectively. Pretty much every control has been refined and improved over third-generation A7 models; for example the joystick is larger and has a textured surface, the AF-ON button is much easier to locate and press with the camera up to your eye, and the exposure compensation dial has a toggle lock to prevent accidental movement. While we experienced a fair amount of variability in our review unit's battery life, it comfortably captured 4K video for in excess of an hour in every test we conducted, which is excellent compared to much of the competition. However, all of the many settings and options have been completely re-arranged across the 51 tabs, so existing Sony users will have to rediscover where they all are. We also know it will cost $3,499.99 / £3,800 / AU$5,999  for the body only. Make the feeling last a lifetime by learning about the amazing features superb AF performance, sensational sensor and processor, versatile and convenient control, stunning high resolution, BIONZ XR image processing engine. Visit our corporate site. While the sticking point with the A7S III is always going to be price – it's undoubtedly a big investment before you even start shooting if you want to pair it with decent glass and fast storage – the camera itself doesn't leave many itches unscratched. With a 12MP sensor capable of shooting at a staggering ISO 409,600, it was originally conceived as a high-sensitivity option for low-light photography. Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deals 2020: all the best bundles, consoles and games, Where to buy PS5: restock tracker to find PS5 on sale during Cyber Monday, New Arm-based gaming PC set to take on Intel and AMD rigs, FIFA 21 on PS5 sounds way more fun than the Xbox Series X version, Best Buy Cyber Monday 2020: final deals on 4K TVs, laptops, AirPods, and more, Antivirus alone is no longer enough to keep your devices protected, 5 amazing Black Friday gaming accessory deals from Currys PC World. With its humble 4K capture, there’s less strain on the Sony A7S III’s sensor and processor – and in turn, we didn’t experience any overheating issues when testing out the camera, nor were there recording limitations. These ports include a full-sized HDMI port – a real boon for videographers – plus a USB-C port and micro USB port (it's an interesting choice on Sony's part to feature both), not to mention a headphone jack and 3.5mm microphone jack. The dials are all in the right places, and there are no less than three ways to navigate menus, so while this is a seriously comprehensive camera, the learning curve is anything but steep, whatever system you're coming from. So in principle, they can comfortably handle the A7S III’s 600Mbps maximum bit-rate, but wouldn’t be capable of dealing with 8K video, as output by the Canon EOS R5. Sony’s Alpha A7S III is radically improved over its 5-year-old predecessor. This is combined with in-body image stabilization (IBIS) and Active stabilization, which marries optical and electronic systems with a small crop-factor. We’re still scratching our heads as to why Sony didn’t introduce this sooner, but the fact remains that it's a very welcome inclusion – although one thing we don’t understand is why the display isn’t in the 16:9 aspect ratio given that the A7S III is a video-focused camera. With a logical hierarchy of menus, it’s easy to operate with a finger or the four-way jog-dial. For starters, one of the custom buttons above the grip has been swapped out for a large record button, setting the scene for this camera's strong emphasis on video shooting. One of the big new changes from the A7S II is the arrival of fully articulating screen. While the Blackmagic appears to have exposed the scene a touch better than the A7S III, there’s no contest when it comes to noise handling: the A7S III is the clear victor. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Most obviously, the video button has moved to a more convenient location on the top-plate, swapping places with the C1 button that’s now located beside the viewfinder. Conveniently enough, the Alpha 7S III comes with dual-purpose memory card slots that can read either an SD card or the new CFexpress Type A card. Sony teased this on the Sony ZV-1, but now it’s finally made its way to an A7-series camera. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, For video on-the-go, the Alpha 7S III is the first Alpha series camera to include Active Mode with 5-axis optical in-body image stabilization to support especially difficult handheld movie shooting. What it can do, however, is record for a very long time. All of the connector ports have thick, hinged, rubberised covers, and the microphone socket is positioned up on the shoulder of the camera where it won’t interfere with the rotation of the screen. Despite the A7S III not having an official weather-sealing rating, Sony has assured us that it can handle drizzle, and all the ports are under rubberized covers, on the left-hand side of the camera when it's held lens-forward. If you need an affordable 4K camera, you can get better-value options than the A7S III, especially if you know you’ll be shooting primarily in well-lit conditions. Australian Film Maker and YouTuber, Benn TK, used the Alpha 7S III to demonstrate what this camera is capable of. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Sony has completely redesigned the Alpha A7S III’s menu system. Perhaps an even bigger deal for frustrated Sony fans is that it's finally opted for a full touch UI, making interaction with the camera much more intuitive. It’s possible to use completely independent settings for stills and video, although I’m not sure how often the A7S III will ever get used for the former. 2020.10.13. Designed for professionals, the α7S III builds on the strengths of the S series, such as high sensitivity and wide dynamic range, while providing pro features like enhanced AF, optical image stabilization and 4K 120p recording. Watch Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes. There’s still a control wheel at the top of the grip, and this is joined by an on-off switch, a C2 button, and dials for both mode and exposure (both of which can be locked). LIVE LINK – Online Event from Johannesburg Join us for the virtual launch of the newly announced A7C compact full-frame mirrorless camera and highly anticipated Alpha 7S III, the full … Receive news and offers from our other brands? We’ve been complaining for years about the firm’s obtuse menus and lack of any touch interface, and at a stroke it’s fixed both. As with the Sony ZV-1, we had no issues recording for in excess of 30 minutes, with the only limiting factors being the card capacity, battery life and heat – and the fact that we never experienced any overheating warnings or issues on the pre-production A7S III we tested bodes well for the final retail unit. There was a problem. With huge improvements to handling and connectivity, a pin-sharp viewfinder, and, of course, hugely impressive low-light performance across both video and stills, it's the finest hybrid video camera you can buy. Stills captured indoors look stunning, with simple incidental shots in dimly lit environments packing an ambience and clarity usually missing from out-of-the-camera photos. This is more than just a video camera though, and stills captured indoors look stunning, with simple incidental shots in dimly lit environments exhibiting an ambience and clarity usually missing from out-of-the-camera photos. The camera can shoot 4K videos at up to 120-pixel and 1080p videos at up to 240-pixel but misses out on the 8K recording capabilities of its predecessor. In addition, thanks to the inclusion of a USB-C port, the A7S III takes advantage of fast charging tech, powering up four times quicker than via an old-school micro USB connector. It doesn’t take long with the A7S III to be seriously impressed. Incorporating a powerful new engine in its compact body, the camera delivers a wide range of visual experiences. All this talk of great focus performance and noise handling suggests that this is more than just a video camera – and it is. The 12.1MP sensor resolution means the A7S III can’t record 6K, let alone 8K, video, instantly putting it behind much of the competition in terms of outright resolution. Moving on to image quality, we compared Sony’s camera directly with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K at ISO 16,000 and f/2.8, at 25fps at 4K resolution. Even when we set the ISO to in excess of 40,000 the results were still usable for certain types of video, blowing the lid off a whole a range of possibilities when capturing content across challenging lighting conditions – for example, fireworks, candlelight, and of course wildlife photography at dusk. , 10 bit 4:2:2 color depth, All-Intra recording, XAVC HS … In Australia, the A7S III is expected to start shipping in October although you can pre-order the camera now from CameraPro. You will receive a verification email shortly. If you’re longing for XLR audio-in, you can opt for an XLR-K3M hot-shoe accessory from Sony, for up to four audio inputs. Sony Cameras; Sony Alpha 7S III Camera | Infinity Masculine In another extremely welcome update, and for the first time on a Sony interchangeable-lens camera, the A7S III sports a side-hinged vari-angle screen. Your Sony lens collection is in a good place. Its 9.44m-dot viewfinder is incredible, and Sony’s new touch interface addresses one of our longest-running gripes. The onscreen Fn menu is also now finally touch-sensitive. Now, better late than never, the next generation is here, and Sony’s tag line is ‘everything is new’. Other advanced video features include four-channel, 24-bit internal audio recording; 10-bit S-log2 and S-log3 profiles; 10-bit hybrid log gamma for instant HDR; and 16-bit raw output over HDMI to an external recorder. Incorporating a powerful new engine in its compact body, the camera delivers a wide range of visual experiences. This makes the cards more expensive than CFexpress Type-B, and adds considerable extra cost for those who want to get the most out of the camera when recording video internally. The A7S III’s body is covered with big, chunky buttons that provide a long, positive travel. And then there’s that screen – articulating beautifully, angling around and up like a dream. Of course, this all comes at a price, with the A7S III costing $3,498 / £3,800 / AU$5,999 for the body only. Ultimately, it’s the video capabilities that Sony has really concentrated on. Its task is simple – to be the best 4K video camera it can be, excelling when it comes to high-ISO, low-light capture. The Alpha 7S III viewfinder offers a 0.90x viewfinder magnification [xviii], 41° diagonal field of view, 25mm high eyepoint for clear, low-distortion corner to corner viewing. But the line really found its feet with the A7S II in 2015, which was capable of recording 4K video internally, and so earned a loyal following among filmmakers for its compact size, excellent footage and remarkable low-light capability. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, In our burst shooting test, the A7S III did a good job of tracking our cat (1/80s at f/2.8, ISO12800)at, The AF again worked well here, despite the gloomy conditions (1/125 at f/2.8, ISO12800), The AF continued to work well in burst mode, until the cat got too close for tracking (1/125 at f/2.8, ISO12800). 2.61 lakhs) for the camera body. Sadly the astonishing viewfinder is unlikely to find its way onto a cheaper model, but I really hope Sony isn’t misled by the idea that fully articulated screens are for video rather than stills. Kelsey Media Ltd The touch UI also deserves a special mention here. In what seems sure to become an increasingly common feature, you can choose to record still images in the high efficiency image file (HEIF) format rather than JPEG, with a choice of 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 compression. So there’s plenty of scope for building your own preferences in-camera. I shot in 4K (UHD) from 24P to 120P and at the highest resolution and a less compressed video codec (XAVC-S-I) at 10-bit 4:2:2 to get the best out of the image in all our lighting setups. While the camera can’t record raw video internally, it can to an external recorder over HDMI. I tested the A7S III’s continuous recording ability with the camera set on a tripod, with its screen folded out, at an ambient temperature of 22°C. Fortunately, the breaks from tradition don't stop there. Here you can see the amount of shadow detail that it's possible to recover in programs like Lightroom. Like its predecessors, the Alpha 7S III is based around a 12MP full-frame sensor. The camera body did get noticeably warm, but not uncomfortably so. Sony cameras have historically struggled in this department, but the A7S III’s new sensor and faster readout speeds result in the jelly effect being hardly noticeable, unless you’re a seriously aggressive panner. Technically, for data transfer they use a single PCIe lane that provides a maximum speed of 1000Mpbs, half that of the Type B format (as it employs a dual-lane architecture). It handles beautifully for video thanks to its articulating screen and touch display, while a full-sized HDMI port and excellent IBIS head the list of other treats. Receive latest product news and technique tips from Amateur Photographer. Well, it’s different. Log into your account. With this camera, you can shoot 120P 4K videos, 10-bit 4:2:2 recording. The Alpha A7S III looks like it’ll be one of the best mirrorless cameras to date for shooting video. Being a Sony camera, the A7S III also delivers an excellent, customizable autofocus system, with 759 phase-detection AF points and eye-tracking across animals and humans that claims to be 30% faster than on its predecessor. The Sony A7S III combines a new sensor and processor with beautiful image processing and excellent dynamic range, to deliver class-leading low-light performance. Unfortunately others are pretty impenetrable, such as FL, IN, and SH. These design and ergonomic changes are coupled with other impressive flourishes as you work your way around the body of the camera, from the full-sized HDMI port to the inclusion of a dedicated record button on the top plate. The high price of the A7S III is only really going to be palatable for many if they already have a fleshed-out series of Sony’s excellent accompanying glass – if you’ll need to build out your kit around the A7S III, you could easily spend several thousand dollars or pounds to cover all your bases.

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