Words on the general GED vocabulary list are not repeated for this list. 22. conformist — a person who accepts established behavior. Used in a sentence: Attending boarding school and then Harvard is a patrician upbringing with advantages that other kids dream of. Used in a sentence: Self-adulation is one of the worst traits … It would be kind of ridiculous to do a vocab workbook in a college course. Criminals who get out of jail without a change of heart are prone to commit another crime and go back to jail. Plenty of classes in high school require you to read a lot. Advisor: School official, usually assigned by your college or university, who can help choose your … Other information may include withdrawn classes or leaves of absence. Remember those vocabulary workbooks you had to go through in grade school? — negative language that is used to belittle or criticize. Used in a sentence: The defense lawyer’s appeal for mercy on his client’s 5-year prison sentence didn’t sway the apathetic judge. For in-depth training, visit: brianrobben.com, It would be kind of ridiculous to do a vocab workbook in a college course. An advisor is an academic counselor. 67. pedagogy — the method and practice of teaching in education. Used in a sentence: Boxers who renege on their deal to show up and fight can get sued by the event promoters. — to predict or estimate something based on known information. Used in a sentence: Anyone who sees the celebrity’s mansion that overlooks the ocean will have an aesthetic appreciation for the home. Whether you're a student, an educator, or a lifelong learner, Vocabulary.com can put you Many employees would make a diatribe against their boss if there was no risk of getting fired because of it. 12. banal — lacking originality so it’s boring. — abusive and bitter attack through speech or writing. Used in a sentence: Since Bob is a zealot for the New York Yankees, he’s bought season tickets for the past 17 years in a row. 94. syntax — rules that dictate how words are used to form phrases and sentences. — a perfect, model example of a specific quality. Spellers of the world, untie! The best newspaper editors have a pedantic approach to their work, because if they didn’t they’d be out of a job. In the 17th century, groups had disparate ideas about the earth being flat or round. — overused to the point it lacks significance. Another word for college. Instead, they’re stuck saying “like”, “very,” “you know what I mean,” and “awesome” in every other sentence. msobrienka. Rich people don’t quibble over tipping and service charges like the middle-class and poor do. Used in a sentence: You’d be a fool to trust your money with some gambler, but trust your money with a shrewd investor and you will make a fortune. After Jenny saw a shark in the ocean 25 feet away, she swam amok to the beach. People without a filter for their words often get in trouble for their crude jokes and expressions. College Vocabulary: Unit 1… outside the regular academic course of studies, Those schools also usually have a wealth of. Apple’s iPhones are ubiquitous across the world, which is why they bring in billions of dollars a year. When you go paddle boarding as a beginner, it’s much easier to learn on lake water with halcyon waves than the ocean’s wild waves. You’d be a fool to trust your money with some gambler, but trust your money with a shrewd investor and you will make a fortune. Used in a sentence: The 1985 Chicago Bears had the most formidable defense in NFL history. For example, an introductory chemistry course is almost always a prerequisite for organic chemistry. The binary compound, which contains two rare chemicals, needs to be investigated further before a comment is made. 59. myriad — an extremely large, uncountable number of things. Elon Musk is an iconoclast who believes humans are going to live on Mars one day. A student's minor is what he or she decides will be of focus in his or her academic career, but is not the main concentration. Used in a sentence: During the 1920s and early 1930s, the US government placed a prohibition on the sale of alcoholic beverages. — obsessing over little details and rules. This is usually received during the first week of classes. Spurious headlines about celebrities dying are all over the internet as websites use this scam to get more page views. Perfect if you want to impress the examiner in examinations like: … Newspapers who unfairly vilify private citizens open themselves to be sued for slander. the administrator responsible for student records. — action that is done by or affects only one side. Used in a sentence: President Obama stood out among other presidential candidates because he’s a master orator. People who are lying tend to look the other person in the eyes for longer because they need to discern if the other person believes them or not. Used in a sentence: While celebrities may act like they hate the public attention, celebrities and the media have a symbiotic relationship with one another. — protection granted by a country for a political refugee who has left their native country, or a place of safety. Used in a sentence: Stores will offer amazing discount deals to their customers, only to include a major caveat when they check out that makes the offer less of a home run. If there is a problem with credits, students will often need to visit the registrar's office. Used in a sentence: The phrase “you get what you pay for” highlights the idea that a cheap rate will often lead to shoddy work. 1. adulation — excessive flattery or praise. Table 1 is alphabetical by word with definitions; Table 2 This style of teaching is done by the professor giving the class information and asking questions here and there, but is mainly focused on what the professor has to say. — a warning about a particular statement that should be remembered. 11. audacious — willing to take bold risks. Vocabulary is one of the biggest and most important aspects when preparing for competitive exams and you need to master your vocabulary well before you take the test. — something that gives support to another structure. An interactive multiple-choice JavaScript quiz for studying English vocabulary. For ones that do, this is class time that's usually shorter than the class it's for, and it's used to discuss difficult material with the teacher's assistant. When a husband or wife makes a unilateral decision, unhappiness and distrust results from the other side because of the lack of communication and compromise. When you’re choosing what job to take, it’s helpful to know your salient priority: salary, location, culture, opportunity, etc. It’s very common for candidates to be asked about their school, college or university experience, so a good range of education vocabulary is something you definitely need to develop. Beat your last streak, or best your overall time. It is usually noted during registration if a course requires a prerequisite. So, if someone wants to meet you on the quad, you'll know where to go. Used in a sentence: When a suspect answers a question so many times it seems superfluous, they often get upset and frustrated in front of the police. 15. carpe diem — the idea of living in the moment and not worrying about the future (translates to “seize the day”), Used in a sentence: I didn’t want to go out, but my housemate said, “It’s senior year and we won’t get to do this after we graduate, carpe diem.”. Palm readers claim to prognosticate your major life events based on the lines in your palm. 79. quintessential — a perfect, model example of a specific quality. You’ll see that I didn’t try to find the biggest words, but I aimed to find the most practical words that you might not know or would give you a helpful refresher. (updated December 1, 2014). Used in a sentence: An effective preamble will raise the audience’s anticipation and excitement for the talk. He already felt shameful after losing his job, and his girlfriend breaking up with him an hour later only exacerbated his mood. Used in a sentence: The March Madness bracket pool champion usually responds in a supercilious manner, not recognizing that a lot of luck carried them to victory. 33. disparate — different from each other, unlike. a field on which the buildings of a university are situated. Used in a sentence: If you want the same movie over and over again, even if it’s your favorite it will turn banal. And then when it’s time to write a paper, give a class presentation, or communicate good interview answers, they lack the right words that would help them give the best impression. Used in a sentence: To make sure the “Mona Lisa” stays as pristine as possible, the famous art is protected inside a sealed enclosure, with thick glass, and a temperature controlled climate. 18. circumspect — carefully thinking about all the possible consequences and effects before doing something. 73. pristine — still pure and in its original condition. The same hackneyed commercials you see each time you watch a specific television show can get very annoying. Created on November 24, 2014 — the fact of placing two things side by side, usually in contrast. Their purpose is to assist students in their academic careers and help with any problems that come along with accomplishing those goals. It is the giving of one's time to others, whether it be monetary or physical time. It is usually in a school's online system where the student can select which classes they would like to take based on time, professor, credits, and location. Courses are largely uncoordinated and, depending on the classes you choose, you can end up overwhelmed with stacks of reading assignments. Based on the unique wounds of each victim, the detective extrapolated that the murders in March and September are connected. It's free and takes five seconds. Is it your dream to study in the USA? Many alcoholics know that they would be happier if they would eschew from drinking, but they don’t have the self-will to do that. students learn several hundred words that appear in the “Words to Learn” sections. No one in their right mind would call Aristotle a simpleton. 75. prohibition — an act of forbidding something. The phrase cum laude means "with distinction," and there are two levels. For example, a rural school's campus may be surrounded by trees and greenery, while an urban campus may consist of skyscrapers and busy streets. attend academic courses without getting credit, the principal field of study of a student at a university. Then I went ham to reach 101 words. Used in a sentence: The couple set up camp in the desert, laid down, and then stared at the myriad of stars across the sky. It is a summary of what will be covered through the duration of the class. — to provide relief and make less intense. Here are 33 words that will help you survive on a college campus, looking cool and "in the know." A pragmatic president would seek the counsel of his cabinet before making key decisions. Used in a sentence: Mother Theresa is the paragon of virtue and kindness. The 1985 Chicago Bears had the most formidable defense in NFL history. Any online business that promises to make you rich quick should make you leery. While the World Watched: A Birmingham Bombing Survivor Comes of Age during the Civil Rights Movement. Used in a sentence: You can handle a disingenuous salesman, but you don’t want anything to do with a disingenuous doctor. Campuses can be big, small, or anywhere in between. The SAT vocabulary and SAT math advice also applies to GRE vocabulary and GRE math, but the difficulty is different. 68. pedantic — obsessing over little details and rules. But college can be a whole different ballgame. Used in a sentence: Newspapers who unfairly vilify private citizens open themselves to be sued for slander. Used in a sentence: When guys continue to skip leg day and only exercise arms, it’s hilarious to view the juxtaposition of their upper body with their lower body.

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