Strategic Planning Framework. Board of Trustees 2. 4. Provide professional development opportunities for underrepresented employees to compete for leadership position. The Strategic Framework is a capstone to strategic planning at Queen’s. Some planning was already underway, while other plans had just begun in 2014. Goal: Create and sustain a coordinated and rigorous set of learning experiences inside and outside the classroom in order to prepare students for their post-graduate life. February 2019: President Christopher L. Eisgruber has posted a president's letter: The State of the University… Our students, faculty, staff, and administrators know our mission as: “A Community of Learners Improving Our World.”. 1.19.10 . Hopes and Dreams data. The framework is a major milestone in a strategic planning process that has been organized around a set of key questions about challenges and opportunities facing the University. Strategic Directions Framework with its five organizing Themes, WSU aligns current and future plans under the Strategic Framework (see Figure 3). Winona MN, 55987, The oldest member of the colleges and universities of Minnesota State, Winona State University | P.O. In Fall 2012, President Olson launched his “Hopes and Dreams” sessions to gather ideas, proposals, and perceptions of the future of Winona State under his leadership. The three new committees: Long Range Planning, Finance and Facilities, and Improvement, Accreditation and Assessment, function as all-university advisory and visioning groups. Part of Strategic Planning Kit For Dummies Cheat Sheet . Planning and Budgeting Committee Members 5. Fall 2019: Begin process of revising and updating the Strategic Enrollment Plan. Too many university strategic plans are mostly outcomes or ideals (or unfunded “wish lists”), without an articulation of strategy. ), Foster a supportive environment for faculty and staff to promote excellence in teaching and learning, Design and deliver academic programs that overcome barriers of time, place, and tradition, Foster an environment that promotes and supports student research and creative scholarship, Develop an extended campus that delivers appropriate academic programs that address regional economic needs through strategic partnerships and resource development, Engage and explore academic and co-curricular programs to support regional and community needs, Develop a university-wide assessment plan that includes student learning outcomes, methodology, measurement, measures, and improvement processes to “close the loop”, Assess the quality of delivery modes: synchronous, asynchronous, apprentice models, online, other, Share best practices in teaching and learning, Strengthen and maintain accreditation and standing for our academic and co-curricular programs (e.g., AACSB, NCAA, CSWE, ABET, CAEP, NASM, etc. On September 12, 2019, President Thomas LeBlanc discussed the framework for the strategic planning process with the university community and announced the formation of four committees to guide the strategic planning process. The five themes listed below emerged during this planning process and WSU's Strategic Planning and Strategic Directions for 2015-2020 is laid out below. Triennial planning is undertaken as part of the University’s planning and budget process to assist with strategic analysis and decision making. New plan implemented from 2021-2024. Level 1 Strategic Directions Framework Planning for WSU's future directions must be based upon data and implemented through data-informed decision-making. Figure 3: Winona State University Strategic Planning 2015-2020 The Long-Range Planning Committee charge is: Review and proposal major long-term projects and programs related to facilities and programs at WSU and make recommendations through WSU's shared governance process on the future direction of the university. We offer undergraduate programs based on the traditions and values of the arts and sciences and an array of graduate and professional programs that are especially responsive to the needs of the Upper Midwest. In 2016, Princeton University’s Board of Trustees adopted a strategic planning framework (.pdf) to guide the University’s ongoing efforts to enhance Princeton’s core commitments to excellence in teaching and research and to such bedrock principles as affordability, diversity, inclusivity, and service. Based on the Winona State University-Rochester (WSU-R) is located in the state’s third-largest metropolitan area, noted for its concentration of healthcare, technology, and educational institutions and serves a large population of rural, urban, and post-traditional students that provides a unique “laboratory” for many of our distinctive community engagement programs. Not to oversimplify the strategic planning process, but by placing all the parts of a plan into the following three areas, you can clearly see how the pieces of your plan fit together: Chancellor’s Senior Leadership Team 3. He characterized the data as falling under five general headings (The 5 P’s) that have since emerged as our guiding values: People, Programs, Price, Place, and Pride.

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