0 +-min. Both ships are upgrades from Epheria Sailboat and require an Epheria Sailboat to craft. It can only be built in Epheria's Shipyard (2nd floor, Epheria 3-5) comes with two optional sets of accessories. BDO. and if anyone has the +10 on the blue that'd be awesome! Keep this in mind, when you plan your sailing trips. BDO Fashion's character galleries are a chance for people to show off their characters. This is the hard one. )Maximum Basic Ingredients needed for Boat: 80000 x [Log] START KILLING TREES WITH A VENGEANCE, NOW. Goblin Worker có thể craft từ 8~10 nguyên liệu, Human Workẻ có thể craft khoảng 17 nguyên liệu - trong 1 lần Start. 2. share. Both of these missions require you to go to Magoria so there is some added effort involved compared to the daily quest. The regular Epheria sailboat/frigate can be upgraded to an “improved” ship which also supports captain controlled cannons. Not only does the ship and its accessories require crafting materials found throughout BDO, it also requires special Designs that are only given as quest rewards … It's possible (and recommended) to attain the 1000 amity so that his dialogue options are ready for the launch of the Magoria expansion and the introduction of the Epheria Sailboat. – Inventory: 25, Weight Limit: 5,000 LT, Durability: 1,000,000, Ration: 1,000,000, Acceleration: 100%, Speed: 100%, Turn: 110%, Brake: 110% ※ How to Use 1. You also need to have the materials needed to be located in the hometown of the used worker. The breakdown you have given is, I assume the minimum days to complete it. BDO recipe calculator and information for Epheria Sailboat: Elena Cannon. Types of the Epheria Sailboat Gear and the Basic Stats They Give Green grade gear is purchasable from Croix the Wharf Manager NPC in Velia. You can also start production before you have all the materials ready since you are only adding a single material during each production cycle. Old prow that was inside Epheria storage. December 31, 2016. Ship Upgrade Permit: Epheria Frigate x1. The cheapest node to invest in so workers can get flax fabric is at Costa farm just outside of Heidel and the Kamasylve Temple on the road between Heidel and Tarif. Steel ingots are made by melting together coal and melted iron shards with processing. 800 Timber squares are 3200 usable scantling 3200 Scantlings are 12800 logs. Epheria Old Ship Parts (Green Grade) +10 Enhancement; Old Prow Old Plating Epheria Old Cannon Old Wind Sail; Defense (DP): 15 Damage Reduction: 15 Movement Speed +3%: Defense (DP): 15 Damage Reduction: 15 Weight Limit +100LT: Max Durability +3000 Sea Monster Damage +6000 x1 hit Ships Damage +3425 x1 hits: Max Rations +300 Turn +1.5% Proof of ownership of an Epheria Sailboat, allowing you to retrieve it at a Wharf. This site was designed with the .com. It can only be built in Epheria's Shipyard (2nd floor, Epheria 3-5) comes with two optional sets of accessories. A rough estimate would be around 8000 to 10.000 logs at Artisan 1 level. Create your website today. Vendor Sell: 3000000.

hide. It has more cannons and greater manuverability and speed than the other Tier 2 ship, the Epheria Sailboat. level 2 Comment deleted by … To be able to use workers from other towns than Port Epheria you need to have them connected together through the nodes as mentioned. I see no vendor purchasable ship parts for the Epheria Sailboat, only the crafted blue quality items. 0 +-min. The Enhancement level will go if you have shit processing, start processing the Pine timber first, because you'll have way more than you'll ever need until you have the 13k logs. The upcoming Margoria patch (said to be released “this winter”) will include a new personal ship called the Epheria Sailboat.

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