Commercial real estate depends on businesses making their rent. Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Deals is a comprehensive multi-series set of programs on commercial real estate. Here’s an example of how you can find market information and use it to check your assumptions in a financial model for a real estate deal, taken from the office development case study in our Real Estate Financial Modeling Course. Investing in commercial real estate can be a great way to grow your portfolio, but you need to know how to tell a good deal from a bad one. The four sets of series focus on issues such as: purchase and sale agreements, due diligence, commercial leasing and financing. We Got Your Back! How does this investment compare to other investments, Income can be rents collected, lease payments, laundry income, and even late fees, Expenses are insurance, taxes, utilities, repairs, landscaping, and property management fees, One thing that is not included in expenses is the Mortgage payment, One of the most important terms of these five, As your net operating income go up your cash flow and the value of the property go up, When it goes down so does the cash flow and property value, If you get your money back in 1 year it is 100% cash-on-cash return, If you get your money back in 2 years it is 50% cash-on-cash return, If you pay all cash for your investment what would be the return on that investment. The Deal Analyzer from Michael Blank is easily the best one I have used to date. Commercial Real Estate (CRE) differs from residential estates. View Cart. Do More Deals. Course details Investing in rental property is a time-tested strategy for building wealth in real estate. Build a detailed cash flow proforma from anywhere, Run a discounted cash flow analysis and more, Generate presentation-quality PDF and Excel reports, Never fuss with cumbersome spreadsheet models again. Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Analysis. Email. Real Estate Investment Software - CPA designed real estate analysis software for commercial, residential rental property cash flow ROI financial analysis. Our web-based commercial real estate valuation and analysis software makes it easy to create, analyze, and share a real estate proforma online. DealCrunch helped thousands of real estate investors succeed at all levels. They all choose to use the Cash Flow Analyzer® and Flipper’s® software. ... Go with the ones that are experienced with the type of residential or commercial property that you have. Tag Archives: real estate deal analyzer Wholesaling Residences: Gain Quick Money In Real Estate. Cash Flow Spreadsheet This cash flow spreadsheet helps you analyze the cash flow of multiple … Seller-Financed Sale: A transaction where the seller also acts as the lender to the buyer. One area where RealData shines is its reports and presentations. Evaluate your rental properties. Project Deal Analyzer. And the customer service is amazing, keep up the great work!” Craig Porter Cleveland, OH Preview course. Our real estate analysis software lets you quickly build a real estate proforma for any income producing property. Our software shows you your output in real-time so you can see your results instantly as you make changes. Real Estate Deal Structuring: Introduction to the Waterfall Framework. The pandemic has led to widespread retail slowdown and shutdown, with little demand for empty spaces. The Phone Analysis. The deal analyzer for rentals … is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet … with all the analysis formulas already built in for you. Includes the most comprehensive commercial real estate analysis tool, the "Commercial Multifamily Deal Analyzer". We're Empowering Investors Nationwide In the last year, 6923+ investors and real estate professionals have downloaded our investment property software. Here are a few reasons why our customers love our app: Plus, our online real estate analysis software is used by people all over the world and is constantly being improved and updated so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Bonus #1: Key Financial Concepts Related to Commercial Real Estate Investing.

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