That fixed the problem, a piece of cake. Coin removed, new pads installed. Dryer working well. If one slide needs replacing, it is recommended to replace all slides at the same time, because they typically wear at the same rate. Main causes: clogged exhaust system, heating system failure, deposits on moisture sensor, control system failure. Video was of my model making it very easy to get through the entire job of cleaning and repairing a seven year old dryer. Thermal fuse install. A blown fuse will not have any continuity when tested with a multimeter. NEW General Electric GE Dryer HEAVY DUTY Thermal Fuse WE4X828 WE04X0828. Once the High Limit was delivered, we installed both new components and so far so good. PM08X10078 $ 10.00 Flexible Metal Dryer Transition Duct. First, run it on medium heat, that will keep you from blowing them. Your Dryer’s Thermal fuse: What it does, How to Test it, Where to Find it . thanks. Thanks for the excellent repair directions. Checked Appliance Parts Pros for the dryer model and found all parts in inventory. Under 20 minutes and now my wife loves me again. Found two of the bearing slides and the drum front support bearing were worn. My dryer was not heating up enough. Thanks! FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. To begin, you need to log into or create an account with PartSelect. Copyright © 1999-2020, Eldis Group Partnership. Note: There are two of these needed on your dryer. so the dryer needed to be replaced. Original, high quality parts for GE MODEL GTDP490EDWS in stock and ready to ship today. I did insert the new parts while we wait for the new dryer and Your search term must have 3 or more characters. Compare. your video made it so easy. Sold individually will need to purchase two. Replaced the cycling thermostat. Thermal fuses Back in business for my wife to use. I ordered a new one from Appliance Parts Pros and it fit perfectly! By 12:30 Saturday part was at my house, Amazing! Fits many Whirlpool/Kenmore dryers. We'll send you expert repair help, discounts, and more! After we initially narrowed the problem to the cycle thermostat upon pulling the dryer apart we discovered that the High Limit thermo was fried (housing was burned and connector was detached) so we ordered the High Limit as well. 59 The drum slides support the front of the dryer drum. I have a balance medical issue, so I worked on it very slowly. Though it may sound a bit daunting, opening the top of the dryer to reveal its inner workings is surprisingly simple. ft. capacity Dura Drum electric dryer with HE SensorDry ... Shop for genuine GE Appliances filters, parts and accessories at our Parts and Accessories Store. Sold individually. After already taking apart the dryer to install a new belt I knew exactly my plan of action. ... Now I have a problem with a GE Dryer model: DRSR483ED2WW I have some heat but not much. I get a ton of questions from folks with ‘no heat’ dryers, and thought I’d tell you about the second most common cause of the problem – the thermal fuse (actually, these days, I think the numbers of open elements and blown thermal fuses are running about even in electric dryers). These slides help support the front of the drum as it rotates. I hope that helps. I WAS VERY PLEASED TO BE ABLE TO COMPLETELY TAKE DRYER APART, REPLACE PART AND THEN BUTTON EVERYTHING UP. Use a power drill to start loosing some of the screws. We have received your CertCapture request form for . THEY CHARGE $100 TO SHOW UP PLUS PARTS AND LABOR. It is is also known as a bearing drum slide, pad, or glide. For model number GTDP490ED0WS. The Videos that were associated with each part made the repair simple. BTW this was my first time working on a dryer. The bearing slides needed to be replaced a long time ago as they were completely worn out. Removal of the old felt was simple. When it blows, the dryer stops generating heat. The job took me about 15-30 minutes total. I checked voltage on the power cord, and continuity on the heating elements, cycling thermostat, high-limit thermostat, thermal fuse. This was the second order that I have placed with Appliance Parts Pros and I was equally happy with that order. I also checked the timer for burned out connections. I have Amana dryer and just replaced the thermal fuse and heating element and the dryer worked great for a couple of loads. Read more. 10 minutes!!! No problem, you just take out filter then slide on the replacement lint filter.Your service was easy and fast I used it Sunday night the lint came off so easy. After reading APPros list of symptoms I determined the most likely repair was the most basic, Bearing Slides. A thermal fuse is a small device -- just an inch or two long -- that plays a critical role in preventing fires. The next time you try to start the dryer, the motor won't run even though the dryer has power. In addition, the dryer may have a thermometer and temperature control or a simple thermostat. This bearing slide is for a dryer. If you have items in your cart, they will be saved for your return. $4.77 $ 4. This is a drum bearing slide, also known as bearing drum slide, glide, or pad, that is fitted to a dryer. It is is also known as a bearing drum slide, pad, or glide. The APPLIANCEPARTSPRO website was a tremendous help!! Click on your symptom to see what causes it and how to fix it. Found several concerns after the initial find of missing or damaged sliders, replaced a total of 8 parts and completed the repair in a reasonable time as time allowed for work on the unit. ESTIMATE I SAVED ABOUT $200 IN LIEU OF CALLING IN A SERVICE PERSON. The duct felt seal allows the front-load dryer drum to glide smoothly on the front panel. Color: White. I followed the instructions provided by the video, (priceless) and replaced the parts in about 10 minutes; however; the drum had nearly worn out the plastic sleeve around the drum (17 years old) Once disassembled I found a coin lodged in the wear pad.

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