I too am a fan of knurled dumbbells, but when I was buying mine, I saw they had the knurled Pro 90 commercial set. You were so detailed and patient. BRAND NEW Powerblock 50 Adjustable Dumbbell (SINGLE) IN HAND SHIPS FREE NOW!! Weight is increased or decreased with the help of two selector pins in the handle that securely lock the chosen weight into place. Whether you've decided to buy or if you still have questions, one of following two sections will help you out: Your email address will not be published. Each model under the PowerBlock Elite umbrella we reviewed was compact and easy to store. As far as the durability it pretty much just comes down to the handles for me. You’re welcome, Dhavel. Powerblock sport vs. elite is a comparison of essential home and gym dumbbells. Could you please give me some input on these points? The compact size is helpful, in particular for using the optimal path of movement for bicep curls (i.e. I love talking about fitness equipment, so these types questions are always fun to answer. The straight bars are all out of stock anyhow (new or old). Also, as I touched upon early -- Remember that it can be helpful from a budget standpoint to buy just the Stage 1 set of whichever model you choose (e.g. Thanks for the thorough response, Alex. It’s the same dimensions, fixtures and tooling. PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells Review The PowerBlock Elite brand dumbbells are definitely a work of art, as far as exercise equipment goes. Hi Kevin, great question. You mentioned you put the Sport model above the Powerblock (red and black) model because the second is newer and hasn’t been reviewed much. PowerBlock – Urethane: Available in 32, 50, 90, 125, 175lb, and all upgradeable to 175lb. So the PowerBlock Elite 50, for instance, goes up to 50 pounds per hand. PowerBlock has confidence in the quality of its products. Product was as advertised and arrived on time and in good condition. Once 50 lbs are not enough for you, you can upgrade to Stage 2. Valentin. PowerBlock EXP Stage 1 Adjustable Dumbbell has a weight range of 5-50 lbs and replaces 16 dumbbells in the space of 1. Thanks Alex! until now i’ve always use a gym membership. Surface area and weight capacity vary from stand to stand. Perhaps the most obvious drawback of the PowerBlock Elite dumbbells is its price. very helpful review. Pro EXP Stage 1, or PowerBlock EXP Stage 1, or Sport EXP Stage 1, or Elite 50). perhaps, i should think about a lower set of power blocks (up to 50) and then just get individual bigger dumbells (55-90)? Although the PowerBlocks come in many different models, they all share core commonalities as an adjustable dumbbell system. Is it stable? thank you for the honest and detailed input. My Kettleblock Handle hasn’t arrived yet due to a stock issue that’s now been resolved and it’ll be here soon, so I came back here today to see what this page had to say about it and I’m glad I did. I also purchased the straight bar. Here’s the link to all the US-to-Singapore forwarding services. Also note that the U90’s, along with the Pro EXP’s (and also the discontinued younger bros, the U70’s), are the only PowerBlocks compatible with the PB EZ Curl Bar, the PB Straight Bar and the KettleBlock Handle. One of the major selling points of the PowerBlock is the speed at which you can change weights compared to a traditional dumbbell. 15% off (1 days ago) Enjoy 15% Off PowerBlock Coupons & Promo Codes November, 2020. However, more recently I bought my first pair of PowerBlock dumbbells: the Pro EXP Stage 3 Set. While I definitely was attracted to that feature, I wasn’t willing to pay the higher price. Note that you don't necessarily have to buy the heaviest version of the model (Stage 3) right away. Since you can be confident of the durability of the rubber grips and assuming you’re not bothered by the slight adder weight imbalance that’s only noticeable on some exercises at low weights, it’s really a matter of if you’re willing to pay the ~$500 for the knurled straight grip — and that’s a question only you can answer of how much you value that feature compared to how much you value the savings. on Amazon or other online distributors). Compare Prices, Find Deals & Discount Codes & Read Reviews Before You Buy. And it shows that both options will cost you several hundred dollars -- not cheap for sure, but definitely an investment that will pay off if you're serious about training. Pack big weight into small space with the PowerBlock® 50 lb. For those with a particularly large collection of adjustable dumbbells, the manufacturer offers the PowerBlock PowerStation. hi Alex, thanks for the thorough review. ...It's hard to compare compare their prices directly, though, since the most popular configuration of the Ironmaster is usually the combo package of the 75 lb pair plus the dumbbell stand. Thank you very much for the thorough response. The Elite EXP has a weight range of 5-50 lbs per hand. ...The Ironmaster dumbbells, which I also own, are unquestionably the only formidable competitor of the PowerBlocks. As for the grips, I’ve only owned mine for ~11 months. Find out why we thought they are so good and how they compare to other models in the power block adjustable dumbbells range. 3 Possible Settings – PowerBlock Exp dumbbells can be used in 3 possible different settings: 50 pound set, 70 pound set & 90 pound set. POWERBLOCK Sport Expandable 50 pounds . Can you advise where the different Powerblock dumbbells rank in terms of overall build quality and durability? If you’re hoping to keep costs down or don’t have particularly grand aspirations for yourself as a weight lifter, you’ll be just fine with the PowerBlock Classic although they do have a habit of retiring their old products like urethane series, so this is something to keep in mind if you want to expand at a later date. However, it’s never been something that affected my workouts or that I’ve even thought of — truth be told, I had to go into my gym and test the dumbbells several times at different weights, with and without the adder weights, in order to answer this question . 2 Expansion Kits – There are 2 possible extension kits available for PowerBlock Exp to expand your default 50 pound dumbbell … They have me several different stickers, but none actually match my U-90 set. The plates on all other models are steel with no protective coating (other than paint). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for PowerBlock Elite 50 Stage 2 50 to 70lbs Expansion Kit at Amazon.com. In this PowerBlock Pro EXP review, I will tell you everything you need to know about this brand new addition to the PowerBlock dumbbells product lineup. I just bought the U90’s with the Stage II and III expansions as my local fitness store still had them and they come with a much better lifetime warranty versus the 5 year warranty on the Pro EXP’s that replaced the U90’s last year. Shop Elite Compare . All PowerBlock dumbbell models are the most compact dumbbells on the market, at least in terms of their length. Yes, the expansion kits for the the Sport EXP and the PowerBlock EXP (PowerBlock Series; NOT the Pro Series) are compatible with each other. Powerblock dumbbells … The ones you see on long rows of racks at your local health club or gym are NOT adjustable. It allows you to transform the weights from a dumbbell to a kettlebell just by swapping out the handle: The KettleBlock handle is compatible with the Pro 50 & Pro EXP (and the now-discontinued U70 & U90) dumbbell sets. Even the PowerBlock Elite 50 - the least expensive dumbbell in the Elite series - boasts over a dozen sets dumbbells in one compact unit and is perfect for a home gym. You can always buy the Stage 1 version (5-50 lbs) or the Stage 2 version (5-70 lbs), then upgrade later by buying an expansion kit. PowerBlock has been building quality home gym gear for decades they specialize in adjustable dumbbells, kettlebells, and weight benches, today we going to take a close look at their lightweight set of dumbbells the PowerBlock 24 Adjustable Dumbbell Set.. And just because this is their lightweight set don’t think they have compromised on quality, the 24lb per dumbbell PowerBlock set … powerblock.com Visit this website powerblock.com. In which case, that would be an absolutely pathetic reason. If you buy through a link on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Awesome. The materials used in the manufacturing are of the highest quality. Powerblock Elite Series The Elite series is available in three different weight capacities: Elite 50, Elite 70, and Elite 90, the end number being the weight range of that particular pair of dumbbells. The first option I’ll tell you about is a workaround that should allow you to get the DBs shipped…. You’re gonna love ’em! The Elite USA is made in the USA. Would you know if the extensions for the PowerBlock EXP vs PowerBlock Sport EXP compatible or interchangeable? Fantastic Reviews While some people will see PowerBlock is on the pricier side of things, particularly when you compare them to conventional dumbbells, you will very quickly realize that these dumbbells are worth the money. That said, there’s plenty floating around on the second hand market. ! Different models have different max weight capacities. The PowerBlock Elite 50, 70, and 90 all use the same method to adjust the weight of the dumbbell. Rapid adjustment is an essential feature for you if you plan on doing a lot of supersetting or some type of cross training (or if you're just really impatient). Again, this is to be expected in any selectorized system with many components. on biceps curls; the handle goes from facing up at the bottom of the motion, to facing the floor at the bottom of motion). So here’s what I’m wondering: The PowerBlock Elite, however, is easy to grip and gentle on the palm. You can do it in seconds. If you would like to learn in-depth about the differences between the various PowerBlock series and models, I urge you to read my full guide on PowerBlock Dumbbells. NOTE: The weight guide sticker on the KettleBlock is only accurate if you're using it with the Pro 50. Powerblock Classic. However, the most expensive stands will set you back close to $1000. The open design is better than the closed design. Adjustable Dumbbell Set. That being said, you’re unlikely to find a warranty as generous as that of the PowerBlock Elite. Additionally, there are 3 weight benches available: PowerBlock Sport Bench shown above with Optional Dip and Pull Up Attachments, PowerBlock Travel Bench shown above unfolded for use, and folded for easy transport and storage, PowerBlock PowerBench shown in flat and incline positions. The available of these two accessories were the main reason I went with the Pro EXP over the other heavy PowerBlock models. However, it's part of their commercial equipment line. The 2.5 increment weight adjustments make it a cinch to slowly work your muscles up to handling 50 pounds. Powerblock Sport 50 Dumbbell replaces 10 individual dumbbells; Non-slip, contoured handles for comfortable grip and control; Adjustable weight range from 5 to 50 lbs (2.2 to 22.6 kg) Space saving design eliminates clutter in your home; Increments: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 lbs They strive at all times to provide products which suit its customers perfectly and to date; they have been doing that effectively. The latter, however, allows for finer, 2.5-pound adjustments. Coupons For Powerblock Dumbbells. Geez, I love powerblocks, but they are HORRIBLE when it comes to things like instructions and stickers. It lends itself perfectly to extended exercise sessions, so you can get a full workout in the comfort of your own home. The heavier urethane sets (i.e. This resilience is reflected in the dumbbell’s 15-year warranty, which is five years longer than the warranty backing the Elite. So i have to work out with pull up bar, dip bar, powerblocks and resistant bands.. What do you think? In this PowerBlock Sports Bench review, I will look at the exercise options, attachments, design, warranty and features of the equipment. I’ve noticed that dumbbells under the PowerBlock Elite banner don’t have a particularly wide grip. They told me it would be a decade or more before the rubber grips could be worn to the point of replacement and that’s with intense daily usage. So true about having a stand, too. While noticeable, it doesn't affect technique or performance. Thanks for the detailed comment — That’s awesome you got the U90s locally and are happy with them…always nice to have at least the option to get the IV expansion set in the future, if you happen to find an extra $400 lying around . I had no idea that the weight amounts on the sticker wouldn’t be correct for the U90’s. Ciao Alex ho letto con molto interesse la tua bella recensione. ...Thus, it's important that you understand and are comfortable with the capabilities and limitations of a given model, before you buy it. You’re very welcome, Majid. No problem. I found this image helpful image that shows a good comparison (the PowerBlock model appears to be the Elite set — all dumbbells shown are 35 lbs). PowerBlock Reviews 379 • Great . Most manufacturers of dumbbells back their products with some sort of warranty. Users were pleased with with no adder weights: black = 15 lbs, white = 20 lbs, orange = 25 lbs, green = 30 lbs), and then jumps 10 lbs for the 5th color (i.e. When I originally wrote this article years ago, I hadn't bought any PowerBlock dumbbells. Heaviest Models for Home Use Are Expandable to 90 Pounds! I own the previous version of the EZ curl bar. The Pro Series Kevin PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells Review: 50 to 90. Since 2007, my wife and I have owned and operated a personal training company, Kennedy Fitness, and we've chosen to exclusively use PowerBlock dumbbells both for our clients and for our own personal use at home. As I explained in an earlier point, one of the pros of this dumbbell system is its durability and solid build quality. …This is why the KettleBlock sticker chart shows increments of 5 lbs for the first 4 colors (i.e. As such, the Pro 50 has every 2.5-pound increment from 2.5 pounds on up to 50, with no breaks: - 2.5# (just hold an adder like a dumbbell) - 5# (the handle by itself without any adders) Met deze set vervang je in een keer 9 paar dumbbells, zonder extra ruimte in beslag te nemen. Though, when applicable, I will point out important differences between specific models. Depending on the PowerBlock model you get, a set of PowerBlock dumbbells will be somewhere between $737 + $99 S&H (current price for the Pro EXP Stage 3) on the high end and $577 + $99 (current price for the PowerBlock EXP Stage 3) on the low end. They are sure to turn your head when you see them and you might not even recognise them as In other words, the PowerBlocks cost between 4% to 29% more, in this specific comparison. The Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbells are the two most popular brands of adjustable dumbbells. PowerBlock Sport 50 (4 – 22 kg per paar) Veel gewicht in een compacte set, dat krijg je met de PowerBlock dumbbells. The Elite 5-50 is 12″L x6″ W x 6″ H at 50 lbs, vs. the U90 Stage 1, which is 12.5″ L x 7″ W x 7.25″ H at 50 lbs. In fact, it’s hard to think of even a traditional dumbbell that can rival it. Then you can purchase the expansion kits once you have more cash to spare. Some aren't willing or able to pay a premium. Of course, if you bought one of the other models before the warranty length change, they would honor the warranty length at time of purchase. Could you please add info on the elite 2020 also? At the end of the review, you will be able to decide whether the PowerBlock will be a good addition to your home gym. After all, it wouldn't make sense for the Pro Series, which is the best overall and most expensive model, to have the shortest warranty. Powerblock Elite 50 Review. As luck would have it, there’s actually two of these locations! That’s a tough question to answer and may ultimately come down to a matter of personal opinion. It is not at all a make-or-break issue for me. They back it up with what may be the world's best customer service as well! Deze set heeft een range van 2-23 kg per hand. However, this design flaw has been fixed on all other PowerBlock dumbbell models, which now have all been upgraded to the "open handle" design, shown below: Lastly, the pillars prevent you from using the traditional grip for dumbbell triceps extensions (though you can work around this by gripping any two adjacent pillars). That said, there are some folks who say the PowerBlock's design is too "weird" for their tastes. I’m leaning towards the commercial set because you just swap handles for that 5 lb increment and I bet that keeps them pretty balanced. My name is Alex, and I'm the owner and author of King of the Gym. Offering a weight range of 10-50lbs (4.5kg-22.7kg) per hand in 5lbs increments, the PowerBlock Pro 50 are compact and space-saving adjustable dumbbells for versatile and effective strength training sessions. Amazon Reviews. In my opinion, once you buy a Powerblock dumbbell, it’ll probably be the only dumbbell you’ll ever buy. I enjoyed making this PowerBlock EXP review and I hope you got a lot of the information you were looking for. Sport? Only question now is do they ship to Singapore? Some folks have dropped them multiple times without incident and wouldn't worry if it were to happen again. Here are the key differences: Your email address will not be published. All adjustable in 2.5lb increments. PowerBlock Sport 50. They back it up with what may be the world's best customer service as well! I’ll explain the pros and cons of this dumbbell system, so that you can weigh them and judge how well this system meets your needs. The POWERBLOCK Sport 50 can be purchased with the capability to use from 2.5 to 50 … PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells are, by and large, the best adjustable dumbbells currently available. They’re very durable compared to most rapid change adjustable dumbbells on the market. Did yours come with the correct sticker? While it boasts a number of features which are not present on its Elite alternative, the differences between the two are not nearly copious enough to justify the extra few hundred dollars they ask for the Sport. Other PowerBlock accessories include the array of dumbbell stands for the various PowerBlock dumbbell models. Even though the PowerBlock 50 has a 4.5 customer rating, you may have to be careful when purchasing if you are looking to expand later.. Also comparing the 50lb non-exp versions of the two — they (black and red Powerblocks) are cheaper than the gray Powerblock Sports on every website. Gaining strength and building muscle right in the comfort of your home is now more straightforward with a lot of advanced fitness products. Deze geavanceerde dumbbells zorgen ervoor dat je in een handomdraai het gewicht kunt aanpassen. The adjustable dumbbells are not the cheapest on the marke,t but you have to remember you’re not just buying one dumbbell you are get what would be a rack of dumbbells and using a fraction of the space. In this review, we will be taking a look at their elite range, the most popular and respected series for serious weightlifters made by Powerblock. I also love to write about my passion and I’m a firm believer in healthy body healthy mind. Where the Powerblock Elite Dumbbells excel, however, is in their customer satisfaction and warranty. The Elite 50 pack includes two adjustable dumbbells, each measuring 12 x 6.5 x 6 inches and each weighing 50 lbs in total. Not a problem–I’m always happy to help if I can find the time to do so. Will changing 2.5lb on PowerBlocks be hard during the workouts? As you likely guessed from its name, the PowerBlock Classic series was the first in this line of block dumbbells sets. Let me know if you have any more questions! So, I now have first hand experience with both of these leading adjustable dumbbell systems. Increments : 5-50, 5- 70 or 5-90lbs. Thanks again buddy! It’s certainly subjective in terms of a users feeling. per dumbbell and can then be expanded with 2 kits. PowerBlock Pro 50 Set, 5-50 lb. On the Elite 50, weight can be adjusted in 2.5-pound increments, which makes for well over a dozen weights in a single unit. However, the lighter urethane sets (i.e. Nevertheless, these work perfectly and still do not look too bad either. There is, after all, a reason that their warranties don't cover drops from above 6 or 12 inches (depending on the model). Also would you pick the exp over the elite? i’m just putting together my home gym. But how does it hold up against the young upstart that is the PowerBlock Elite? With its raised base, something like the PowerBlock Compact Weight Stand acts as a platform for up to 90 pound sets of weights. The Elite 70 has a weight range between 5 all the way up to 70 lbs per dumbbell. Another cool accessory is the KettleBlock handle. It’s … Of course, this is good in that you pay less than you otherwise would. This gives the PowerBlock Elite dumbbells a distinct advantage over alternatives manufactured in Asian countries, where mass production is common and quality control is often an afterthought. There are a few light to moderate capacity sets, which I do not recommend for any serious lifter. The Pro EXP weight blocks are coated in urethane. In the event that 50 pounds isn't enough, there's the option to purchase a 70 to 90-pound extension kit. What are Adjustable Dumbbells? which would you choose if you could only choose one? The PowerBlocks utilize a self-containing storage mechanism, where the dumbbell handle and weights conveniently and compactly "nest" within each other. I’m gonna start exploring the rest of your site and see what else I can learn from you. Novice and professional gym owners alike love Powerblock Elite Dumbbells. The rectangular profile is a bit unusual, but it only inhibits a few movements and for what it lacks in that area, makes up for it in durability and value. Thanks! Whats the difference between the powerblock exp and the sport exp? The PowerBlock EXP stage 2 is a great choice. So, actually I’ll need to update this article when I get a chance — to state that even the Pro 50 wouldn’t be totally accurate with the weight guide sticker provided, since ALL of its weight blocks are 5 lbs. No problem, Samuel. I’m worried the contoured rubber handles with get torn up or start to lose their grip or start rotating after a long while (years) whereas I’m sure the straight knurled handles won’t have any of those issues… I usually also prefer a straight bar, but I could get used to a contoured grip. At no more than 12 inches in length and 6.5 inches in width, an Elite 50 can easily be packed into a corner when not in use. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Powerblock 5030018502 50 Dumbbells Set at the best online prices at eBay! If you're here to find a quick answer to which PowerBlock dumbbell model is right for you, I'll include a summary of my top recommendation in the table below: Rated 4.5 out of 5 in Adjustable Dumbbells. COMPARISON OF DIFFERENT POWERBLOCK PRODUCTS: In the Pro 50, the handle weighs 5 pounds, each unit weighs 5 pounds, and each adder weighs 2.5 pounds. And it is MUCH more expensive than even the most expensive home-use dumbbell sets. The selector pin may be a bit fiddly and you may have to focus slotting the selector pin in properly. This is a great option for anyone who wants their set to grow with them. Because the EXP’s have the 2.5 lb adder weights I’m worried having them installed especially just one would throw off the balance noticeably. You’re right. For example, the grips on the PowerBlock dumbbells at the EXOS Arizona facility, which PowerBlock outfitted, are 7-8 years old and they’re still holding up; they’ve certainly been worn but have maintained their grip and orientation. If you compare the PowerBlock Classic 50 to the PowerBlock Elite 50, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the former is adjusted in 5-pound increments. EXP means expandable and you can expand this set later to 70 lbs and again to 90 lbs with optional expansion kits. Also, its materials and features are similar. At 6 inches in height, the Elite 50 is a little on the tall side, but it actually comes in at shorter than most alternative hexagonal dumbbells. Like the PowerBlock Elite, the Classic is available in multiple sizes. How PowerBlock Works Easy as Select & Lift. In fact, the brand is so confident in the quality of it's adjustable dumbbell that it backs each unit with a generous 10-year warranty. The PowerBlocks are far from what one might consider fragile or dainty. I cant be more satisfied. But, I’ll also copy and paste the relevant info for you below: If you go to one of those dealers, obviously you should call ahead of time to make sure they have the model you want in stock. Where can I get new plates ? That said, dropping the dumbbells is definitely not advised, since they contain parts that could break, crack or warp, more easily than the Ironmasters or traditional dumbbells. The PowerBlock Sport is one of the few PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells to have been released after the Elite. and now that you’ve used both, which do you think is better? Here's why I consider it to be the best choice: The Pro EXP does cost more than the other heavier models by about 20%. powerblock.com. thanks! Sono interessato a comprare i manubri powerblock da 70 libbre , indeciso tra la serie elite e la pro. Since 2007, my wife and I have owned and operated a personal training company, Kennedy Fitness, and we've chosen to exclusively use PowerBlock dumbbells both for our clients and for our own personal use at home. The curl bar completed my set!!!! Is it long enough in order to bench press? The PowerBlock Pro is step above all of these because it has urethane-coated plates that make it more durable (shock absorbent) and quieter (no metal-on-metal noise). PowerBlock doesn't just manufacture the "World's Best Dumbbell." EXP stands for expandable and the Elite EXP can be expanded later to 70 lbs and again to 90 lbs per hand so it can grow in weight as your needs change Made me wonder of they did it to make sure as to not be associated with what rainbows are commonly associated with these days! PowerBlock manufactures a wide selection of accessories to go along with its PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells. The upside of this is that you have a much bigger variety of options from which to choose, compared to the Ironmasters. If you have particularly large hands or wrists you might want to consider going with a more traditional dumbbell set. Product Reviews / POWERBLOC 50 Drive Pulley; 0. All are well built. The KettleBlock Handle and the EZ Bar I just ordered online; can’t wait to try them out!! black, white, orange, yellow), with the remaining 5th one (and all others) being a 10 lb block…. The Elite 50 and 90 adjustable dumbbells are compatible with PowerBlock’s Large Column Stand and Compact Weight Stand, while the Elite 90 can be paired with either the Large Column Stand or the Large Compact Weight Stand. The PowerBlock Elite Dumbbell comes in three models: the PowerBlock Elite 50, PowerBlock Elite 70, and PowerBlock Elite 90. Models : Pro 32, Pro 50, Pro EXP (expandable) (Commercial Pro Series goes up to 175 lbs.) It's important to note that the KettleBlock handle only works with the Pro 50 and Pro EXP sets (as well as the now-discontinued Urethane U70 sets and the U90 sets). In my country the lrice is around 800 euro and ita very expensive. That is, the Pro 50 would be accurate for the first four colors (black through green). Note that I already own an individual set of dumbbells up to 30 lbs, which I am outgrowing now. Once you get used to it, the entire process should take you no more than a couple of seconds. If you want more than 75 lbs, you can get the 120 lb add-on, but that will make the price (and max weight) higher than that of the PowerBlocks. These things last people through years and years of consistent use without breaking or needing repair. Still, I understand that different people simply have different budgets. That all being said -- let's simplify things and just compare the prices of the 75 lb Ironmasters + dumbbell stand, and the 90 lb PowerBlock sets. The Sport features rounded tops, which gives it the appearance of a more traditional dumbbell. The open handle design, plus the auto lock adjustment make for a slightly more comfortable and easier to use experience. Adding and removing weight is markedly less time-consuming with a PowerBlock than it is with a traditional dumbbell.

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